What is OpenArt?

OpenArt was founded in 2016 with the goal of serving the art market by improving the communication and transactions between all parties involved in the buying or selling of art. One of the ways in which OpenArt strives to achieve this goal is through the creation of price transparency, which allows the pricing of products to be known by both buyer and seller.

What are the free services OpenArt offers?

Many of our services are free and do not require an account. We encourage you to explore these products to get a taste of what OpenArt has to offer! You can browse OpenArt for sale, upcoming art events, and artist information for free.

Can I be notified when artworks by a specific artist are for sale at auction or in galleries?

Yes. With OpenArt Market Alerts, you are informed of all buying opportunities at galleries and auction, by email. It allows you to: Never miss an opportunity to buy art at auction or in galleries; Be informed of upcoming events near you and for the collecting categories you follow; Watch your artists, selected from international artists; Get all you need to know in up to one daily email, directly in your inbox.

I found an artwork for sale that I’m interested in. Whom should I contact to purchase the piece? I’d like to find potential buyers for an artwork I own. Where can I look?

You can always contact the OpenArt Support Team at info@openart.in or through Facebook/Twitter @EnmainOpenArt to assist you!