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Artist Collective

OpenArt is a collective consists of artists, curators, art galleries, art collectors and subject matter experts, welcoming artists and art critics to share in our story, meet our people and explore their works.


Volunteer Program

OpenArt encourages individuals from diverse backgrounds and age-groups to volunteer, contribute, and become part of the collective. Through the volunteer program, individuals are invited to learn and participate actively in various outreach and educational activities, guided tours, workshops, surveys, and research for various community projects. We encourage multi-lingual interactions in the OpenArt, and welcome fresh energy and ideas. Professionals and students who are looking for exciting interactions with art, artists, and community work are encouraged to apply for the program.



The internships offered at OpenArt are intense and cater to budding art professionals, fresh graduates from the humanities, young artists who aim to be groomed and trained in the fields ranging from art handling and management, art historical research, curation, publishing, design, archiving, exhibition production, communications and social media, art education, and outreach etc. OpenArt Interns are also encouraged to work on individual short-term projects.