Art & Culture at ‘Mind the Gap’ #GenderAndTheJob

Mind the Gap – a unique event on gender dynamics within the workspace, presented by Dysco and MIXX. The event will take place on 3 June at WeWork (BKC), Mumbai.

Among a series of curated panels across different industries, this day-long event will have a panel discussion on gender within Art & Culture as well as photography installations by Shreya Dev Dube, Indrajeet Rajkhowa (his series Ice Hockey in the Himalayas was picked up by VICE India), Riddhi Parekh (who will be showing her series Women Metro Drivers) and Roshini Kumar as well as a video art piece – Boys of Safdarjung by stylist and creative director Nikhil D and videographer Tsungdue Phunkhang.

The event will also have a special performance art piece by renowned contemporary artist Princess Pea.

Mind the Gap draws together an eclectic and exciting group of personalities to explore the physical, intellectual and digital manifestations of gender dynamics within professions and workplaces.The event will create awareness on one of the most compelling issues of our generation, in a manner that is both wildly appealing and wonderfully engaging – a real celebration of progressive minds and impassioned hearts.

The event is produced by Dysco, a professional networking app, website and community, in collaboration with MIXX – a platform that addresses gender issues through a curated range of products and experiences. This is part of a series of events which share Dysco’s ethos offline and directly engages with their digital and physical community.

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