‘Art Culture Festival’ presents Delhi Studio Potters’ Market on 2nd September 2017

In today’s digital age, art is a healer that comforts the soul, body and mind. Keeping in rhythm with this holistic approach, Art Culture Festival brings you a feast of studio pottery through Delhi Studio Potters’ Market, a one-stop destination for all pottery and ceramic lovers on 2 nd September, 2017 at D-49, Defence Colony, New Delhi.

The ceramic pop-up exhibition cum sale is curated by Rekha Bajpe Aggarwal, founder of Studio Re4caly and trustee of Delhi Blue Pottery Trust. She has brought together ten talented ceramic artists Jayati Mehta, Studio Six, Uma Sawhny, Sujata Bahal, Sona Srivastava, Divya Topa, Anumita Jain, Anju Kalsi and Meena Vohra under one roof.

The curator Rekha Bajpe Aggarwal shares her views, “The experience of having your morning tea in a beautifully artistic handmade mug doubles the enjoyment of the tea. What goes into the making of a handcrafted mug is something we should understand and appreciate. Let’s say that creating ceramics is an art and a science and takes a lot of hard work and creativity. There is no better way of understanding it than by meeting urban studio potters living amongst us, who make these beautiful, usable pieces of art by hand, from scratch!”

Ranging from youngsters in their 20’s to an enthusiastic octogenarian, all the ten participating ceramic artists are experts in their own special oeuvres. “The works range from sculptural artworks and abstracts in clay to adorn the most stately of drawing rooms, to creative, funky tableware, vases and even mosquito-coil holders which can enhance every corner of the home. They are made from different clay bodies and are fired with multiple techniques and media. The variety is enough to suit everyone’s taste and pocket,” says Rekha adding, “We bring to you a feast of studio pottery from some of the incredibly creative ceramic artists of Delhi NCR to whet your appetite for an upcoming Annual Ceramic Festival. It’s a golden opportunity for ceramic lovers to buy the work directly from the creators, at their own prices. Come and sample the beautiful ceramic ware at the Delhi Studio Potter’s Market on 2 nd September at Defence Colony.”

The Organiser

Art Culture Festival:

A first in India, ‘Art Culture Festival’ (ACF) provides a multi-dimensional platform that employs a holistic approach to showcase art and its forms. A year ago, ACF was conceptualised to be that niche platform to promote the various forms of art by keeping their audience informed (if need be, simplifying it) so they can make it a part of their lives. Social media platforms like facebook, instagram and twitter with live feeds, videos, event tags, event handle tags, pictures are used as tools to promote a particular individual or an event. Online, ACF website lists events, installations, artists and gallery spaces; reviews the performances and exhibitions — be it art, dance or music; publishes interviews with the artists and performing arts experts; puts up blogs on trends around us and other topics that appeal to a creative mind. Offline, ACF curates events, organise talks, conduct workshops and exhibitions, plan residencies and organised art tours. ACF also undertakes social media assignments and push events through the extremely popular social media handles. The ACF team comprises of journalists with a minimum of 10 years of experience in writing of art and lifestyle. Their perspective lends integrity to the covering of events and reflects maturity of understanding the different genres.

The Curator

Rekha Bajpe Aggarwal:

A passionate ceramicist for over two decades, she works from her studio Re4Clay, a ceramic hub in Gurgaon. She exhibits her work in India and internationally. She conducts workshops at Educational and Corporate institutions. She has been curating ceramic exhibitions for some years including an All India exhibition of sculptural ceramics for Vivanta by Taj, and an all India exhibition of contemporary Indian ceramics for Roopantar Museum of Fine Arts, Bharat Bhavan, Bhopal. She has been writing about ceramics and teaching in her studio for several years. She recently won a special award at an international ceramic exhibition, and is on the Jury of the 4th Croatian International Ceramic Trienniale, 2017.

The Participants

Anju Kalsi:

A potter who loves to paint. Drawing and painting on clay is a pivot of her work. Her enjoyment lies in both producing tableware, that will give pleasure to the user, with the freedom of decoration she can apply to the pots. Her work is mainly wheel thrown or slab built and brightly decorated with underglaze colors after a bisque firing. It is finished with a clear glaze fired in a gas kiln.

Anumita Jain:

In today’s world of mass produced perfection, the little flaws of a handcrafted piece are what make it unique. Each creation contains in it a part of the soul of the artist, narrating her story, piece by piece.

Divyam Surabhi:

Has worked as a graphic and web designer. She has setup a pottery studio in Dharamshala called Talking Clay. She supports and shares through writing and teaching the combination of art and meditation. Her main medium of expression as an artist is clay/ceramic. She also expresses herself through painting, poetry and ikebana.

Jayati Mehta:

Creates functional ware for the home and garden striving to share the beauty of this medium with as many people as possible. She aims to bring the joy of using handmade to every person she meets.

Meena Vohra:

Pottery to her is a Soulful Therapy. Infused with soul energy and nurtured by intense concentration the pottery comes to life. Although the results are inconsistent and elusive -the final product is breathtakingly attractive and satisfying. Pottery to her is “Soulful  Immortal Bliss”.

Rekha Bajpe Aggarwal:

Creations of love arising from a love of creation, Re4clay presents lovingly hand-crafted fun and funky ceramics made in studio. Clay is cool!!! Coming out of a deep and abiding love of clay, Rekha is never sure where she ends and her creations begin.

Sona Srivastava:

She wanted to be ‘The Hand’ that would give shape to her very own thoughts, moods and above all…dreams. After drifting for some time, she found her canvas: ‘CLAY’. The more she put her heart into it, the more she learnt from it. That it is not weak to be soft, that though it is not easy to transcend your dreams into reality; every drop of sweat, each ounce of patience and every ton of persistence is worth it.

Studio Six:

Studio Six in Lutyens Delhi has three potters, Monica Claire Grewal, Neera Makhija and Suparna Surana, working individually and collectively, each complimenting the other two. Together they produce work ranging from classic to casual to fun pottery.

Sujata Bahal:

After working as an engineer for quite a bit of her life she found her true calling….Ceramics!! Ceramics speaks her language…..a medium which allows her to express her thoughts/imagination. Her work consists of wheel-thrown functional ware, artefacts and ceramic sculptures.

Uma Sawhney:

An artist by temperament, her passion derives inspirations from her extreme interest in the forms and shapes that she is able to mould and create with clay. The expression of emotion through pottery is almost therapeutic for her. It gives her immense joy, happiness and inner peace.

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