Art Exhibition

‘Flow Dreams’ – Anu Malhotra launches her range of sculptures

Dates of the exhibition: 15th – 23rd October 2017
Timings: 11 am to 7 pm

Details on the Sculptures:


Anu Malhotra’s intense engagement with the sacred geography of tribal societies in India has inspired this collection. The significance of these objects comes from the evocation of their embeddness and re-mooring in the contemporary. The symbolic power and geometry of these objects are drawn from the artist’s awareness of shamanic traditions. Carved and sculpted on waste-wood, this collection is in consonance with the artist’s ecological commitment.


All old cultures believe in sacred communion with the animistic world. This relationship is embodied in particular animals and natural objects that empower the community with spiritual energy and benediction.

Anu Malhotra’s collection of innovative totems and animal objects evoke the animistic force associated with nature.These figurative representations induce an oracle like insight into our perception of non-ordinary reality and cosmic connections.

Totems are found in many tribal habitations of the world like Canada, Amazon region in South America, North America, Australia, New Zealand, South-East Asia and Africa.


Ritual and ceremonial masks are vital features of tribal cultures. Masks are consecrated visages imbued with the spirit of ancestors and supernatural beings. Anu Malhotra’s inventive assortment of masks are energized with the vigour of tribal wisdom and painted with contemporary aesthetic flamboyance.

About the artist: ANU MALHOTRA

Anu Malhotra is one of India’s top filmmakers, having won over 17 National and 1 International award for her insightful documentaries, trend setting television programming and revolutionary awareness campaigns.

Anu is also a multi disciplinary artist – an exhibited photographer (Soul Survivors at the National Museum, New Delhi), published writer , designer (spaces, sets, interiors) and now an accomplished artist.

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