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GENESIS-17: An Art Exhibition of Paintings, Sculptures and Photographs at New Delhi from June 9th

Finetouch has this time endeavoured to present an exhibition of Indian Contemporary Art, fusing together some of the finest works from well established artists with a range from the most promising, upcoming talent across the country. We wish to serve the audience a visual bonanza celebrating the power of our visual idioms.

GENESIS – 17 is an exposition by 19 artists in a manner that traces a timeline of developments in style, themes and schools of what has emerged today as Indian contemporary art, in their visual languages as paintings, sculptures, photographs, and mix media. The participating artists include Mr. Aman Anand, Ms. Anita Goyal, Mr. Jagnnath Basu, Ms. Kakoli Sikder, Mr. Mahesh Kumar, Ms. Manju Subberwal, Mr. Mayur Singhal, Mr. Mohd. Danish, Mr. Namish Arora, Mr. Nikesh Sharma, Mr. Nitin Kumar, Ms. Riya Jain, Mr. Shakti Singh Ahlawat, Ms. Shashi Mathur, Ms. Shubhangi Tyagi, Ms. Shweta Malaviya, Ms. Simret Singh, Mr. Vipin Yadav and youngest sensation Ritwik Tanwar.

It was conceived with a view, bringing to the audience a collection of paintings which in many ways provide insights into the contemporary arts movement in India today. It can in no way assume to be definitive but an attempt a significant representation.

The striking feature of the works of the nineteen participating artists is the manner in which they straddle diverse cultures whilst still voicing the present context of Indian social, cultural and political life. The canvases provide an introspective and sometimes uneasy glimpse into modern India, yet are collectively global in their presentation. The choice of title for this Exhibition, “Genesis” is a recognition of and respect for the influential antecedents of this genre of art. Clearly, the map has changed as these works demonstrate figurative and abstract, impatient yet unhurried, ancient spirituality fused with modern culture.

It is amazing to discern the similarity of direction of thought of all artists, coming from diverse milieus, diverse backgrounds and professions, but, belonging to the same inner shell of heart to jump into the outer world, with the intention of sharing, discussing and spreading the ideas of growth and evolution with their fellow beings, to be able to lay down stronger building blocks for their future generations…

We are very grateful to all the Artists who have participated in this show for their wonderful contribution. It has been a great pleasure working with them.

Aman Anand

Aman Anand, a 24 year old Delhi resident, diploma holder in Fine Arts, started his journey from unpractised sketches, and figures filled of naïve mistakes, but soon he discovered his innate ability to draw. He has come a long way since then from sketches to paintings, paper to canvas, and art as a hobby to art as the primary goal of his life.

Today, as an artist, he understands how significant his role is in a society which is distorted and dilapidated in materialistic chaos. Art is not simple imitation but also adding new perspectives about things that remain hidden inside in layers of anxiety in modern times. His duty as an artist is not only to please the eyes of the viewer but also reach out to his soul and connect to him. He feels fortunate enough to be pursuing a vocation as noble as art which has the power to cause revolutions and bring about change.

The incorporation of minute details of Monuments in his artworks brings the sensitive lover of art and heritage into focus. His paintings are experimentation where he makes an effort to put both painted and photographic look image.

Anita Goyal

An abstract expressionist painter since childhood, Anita Goyal was always intoxicated by the smell of colours and sharpened pencils. She has tried to create spontaneity on the painting surface, making strong bold marks dancing across and creating expression.

She started by introducing colour, shapes and lines, and then responded to their development. Over the years she has developed a strong relationship with her abstract elements. She believes abstract has a freshness, complexity and boldness which talks to her. Her paintings consist of landscapes, abstract shapes, lines and colours that might suddenly suggest a figure at times. Trees, bushes and walls of buildings have always presented her with some other picture than what they actually are. They are all a part of her whims, fancies and dreams.

Jagnnath Basu

‘I dream, I imagine and I fantasise, and I paint them all’: That’s the mantra that Basu believes in.

Born in Bengal with a family and relatives full of art connoisseurs, Basu found ample early inspirations to be creative right at home.  A self taught artist, he is an IT Cloud Infra Project Manager in a Global MNC during the day and an ardent Artist by the night.

He believes that “Perfection is desirable, yet abstraction is artistic”. Basu doesn’t feel compelled to be stuck in one genre. He paints instinctively, straight out of his heart and imagination. However, abstract expressions are his favourite, feeling strong and liberated in this form of expression.  He tends to mix figurative paintings with some element of abstraction and is also inclined towards

Surrealism and Expressionism. His works are influenced by the great masters like Picasso, Miro and our own MF Hussain.

For any artist, the ultimate reward is appreciation and recognition and Basu, like any common man, craves for it. Along with that, he is open to criticism and guidance. For him, life is an endless learning with zero egos.

Kakoli Sikder

Born in West Bengal & brought up in Jabalpur, Kakoli’s initial schooling is from St. John’s Convent, Jabalpur. Creative arts have always interested her & this took her forward to pursue a career in Architecture from SPA, New Delhi. Taking it further from there, she also did Masters Landscape Architecture.

As a Landscape architect, she has been involved in various projects both in India and the Middle East. Her passion for doing something new excited her into getting involved with Product Designing (Handcrafted Jewellery, Accessories & Decor items).

Taking a step further, she started playing with colours & ventured into oil/acrylic on canvas paintings. While hand sketches were taken up by her during the college days mostly for academic purposes, her love for painting is quite new & is increasing by the day. Though, it is difficult to get time out from the daily routines of life, yet, she opts to paint as a stress relieving activity.

She loves colours, mostly the bright ones. So painting for her is mostly a splash  of vibrance. It is a combination of shades, matched or mismatched in different  ratios. It’s mostly an experiment. Initially, she started with something in her mind, maybe some happening in day to day life but eventually it all ended up in vibrant flowing colours. She intends to continue this study and experiment with colours further.

Mahesh Kumar

The life of Buddha has been a journey of harmony, peace and enlightment. Drawing inspiration from the noble truths of Lord Buddha, Mahesh Kumar, follows the belief that though there is sorrow in the world, one has to search happiness by virtuous conduct.

The purpose of the Art in the human life is to make his life happy, and to lead a human towards purity of mind & body, then the Art in fact is very closely associated with the guiding principles of worship. As speechless worship has been always approachable to God, so can art be never futile or unproductive. Art does not have decorative purpose only but also have a deep and very constructive and meaningful process. Worship is the entire devotion of heart and soul and lead the others life also with peace, compassion, brotherhood and justice. The study of different Arts is one of the sacred functions of life and a meditation too.

A self taught artist, Mahesh Kumar, works and interprets traditional, religious and engages with the objects and traditions of Indian mythology. There is always more like sadhana, which promotes inner self to attempt meditation on canvas.

Apart from attending various camps, he has participated in many group shows at Lalit Kala Academy, New Delhi, Visual Art Gallery, Open Palm Court and Convention foyer, India Habitat Centre, Epic centre, Gurugram, Ashoka Hotel, New Delhi etc.

Manju Subberwal

Creating art for her is an expression of feelings that she cannot define in words. She loves to create art, irrespective of the various medium that she uses consisting of either oil paintings, clay , wax sculptures or craft. She mostly prefers oil paintings on canvas. Her style of painting is mostly realistic and detailed, although sometimes she also likes to do abstract work. A self taught artist, who is ever eager to learn new techniques, Manju Subberwal is fascinated by elaborate ancient Indian culture, by simplicity of village life. She loves to draw the flow of motion in dance. She, at times, depicts emotions of a caged woman trying to break free.

This exhibition will give her not only immense satisfaction but also motivation to keep on painting.

Mayur Singhal

Mayur Singhal , a Bachelor in fine arts holder, depicts daily common lives through his paintings. Common people easily communicate in his paintings. The crowded market in his painting is an imaginative composition of his mind.

He did Arena Multimedia in Photography in 2012. He has been a professional photographer for a number of reputed companies, and specializes in event, portrait and product shoots. Simultaneously, he has worked for films and well-known fashion shows and events in India. His aptitude in photography has got him a gold medal in the All India Competition.

His clients include famous advertising companies, PR agencies, publishing houses and fashion designers.

Mohd. Danish

In a first appearance, very familiar figures from surroundings, start speaking volume of artist emotional and his observation about human behaviour. He has developed a beautiful technique of combining technology and thoughts to produce simple yet elegant melody of human to bring out soul of his works. His Paintings excelled with occasional touch of colours.

His works consists human anatomy with day to day stories. He believes in exploring the interpersonal relation and triumphant spirit of the Human Being, through his works.

Born in a humble town of Uttarakhand, Khatima, blessed with an artistic mother, and completed his Masters in applied art from Jamia Millia Islamia. In his own expression, “that’s must be the reason why I am attracted to non traditional mediums for my Art”. Presently he is teaching digital art in Department of Fine Art, Aligarh Muslim University.

Namish Arora

Born and brought up in Delhi, Namish Arora and his paintings are intended to reflect the goodness within one. Inspired by the Divine Krishna, he believes in the spirit of his religion and devotion towards the lord. He not only depicts the spiritual aspect but also the innocence and the livelihood with the help of his colours.

He says, my art piece portrays my prayers and faith in my Lord. It is his teachings and blessings that drive me in conveying my feelings this way. Being a devotee of Krishna, I work at my best to portray the spirit of goodness. For me, Life is a piece of Art and Art is my whole Life.


National Diploma in Painting, M.A. (English Literature) & M.Ed , Nikesh is presently the Principal of Vidya Bhavan Public School, Gwalior (M.P.)

Since 1985, he has participated in many group painting exhibitions and held a solo painting exhibition in 2008.

Nikesh likes to explore beauty in nature. Historical monuments fascinate him a lot. Water & acrylic colours have been his best mediators. He has been exploring these subjects on paper and canvas since childhood. He loves to work with all mediums & sometimes get experimental too, while playing with colours. Indian villages and Indian mythology are also his favourite subjects. He often chooses to work using combination of techniques like Tie & Dye, Batik and brush. He firmly feels that this lovely gift of creation bestowed by almighty has to be a source of getting smile to the viewers’ faces always.

Riya Jain

Riya Jain, born in the Indian Capital, has pursued a Diploma in Fine Arts besides being a Graduate in Philosophy from the University of Delhi. Her immense love for nature brought her close to the hidden talent of painting.

Riya’s work emits powerful positive vibrations which is rich with the blend of spiritualism. To her, the art of painting is therapeutic and peaceful, and gets her in touch with the divinity. Riya’s medium is usually acrylic on canvas. She conjures an ethereal play of colours which is closely related to various hues of life. Riya’s fervour for art can be seen through her splendid patterns with a touch of realism that defines the magnanimity of the divinity through several unique combinations of hues. Her aim is to establish herself in the world of art as an artist of repute, as her work continues to resonate in the echelons of the creative world.

Nitin Kumar

Struggling to find the right words to express how he feel about art and why he does art in the first place? Nitin, Topped from “Anitoons” 2017 BFA Batch, still have first symbolic/meta-physical piece of art, dates back to during his high school years. Probably the only existing physical evidence which Influenced him from a very early stage.

For him, art serves as meditation for the soul; which helps to maintain a clear mind and stay focused on the things we must do to sustain life. Motivational force as great as gravity that helps him to get up in the morning to face the daily tenebrous of our world, with a dream full of joy and excitement. The dream that he continue to create in his mind daily and try very hard to apply on his two-dimensional canvas or piece of plexiglass. While painting he often develop wings and fly to faraway places still unreachable even by today’s modern technology.

Shakti Singh Ahlawat

Shakti Singh displays a tendency to lean on the linearity of strokes. He goes for delicate as well as bold strokes. Strong with line, he has produced some fine paintings. His realistic approach of course speaks a lot for him and his art’s growth. He does wonderful portraits; actually he excels in portraiture.

He is well known and established name in the arena of art. He is much sought after when anyone wants a portrait to be done. Portraits made by him have found places in almost all important buildings throughout the nation.

He was born at village Behlba of Rohtak district in Haryana. He was interested in art from his school days; but he studied science till Senior Secondary School. He did B.F.A. in painting from Government College of Art, Chandigarh (P.U.) in 1991. His work is there in display at several museums in India, including Rashtrapati Bhawan Museum in New Delhi. He has got a letter of appreciation from the former President of India, Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam. He has participated in 48 painting workshops and camps including the ‘National Art Festival’ at Aizawl, Mizoram; organized by Lalit Kala Akademy in 2010. He has got many awards for excellence in portraiture. Government of Haryana awarded him for promoting fine arts in the state.

Shashi Mathur

She generally gets inspiration from day to day activities, struggles and things happening around her. Instinctive human behaviours teach her a lot of things as it give an insight to diverse souls.

Her works are combination of natural and fictional situations. She tries to get new meaning by arranging different things in interesting manner. She has used objects in imaginary situations to do my work.

Her works show the struggle and depth of a humble and firm artist in her. In her works, soil fragrance engulfs, on other hand, urban reality is also well presented. Her works talk about day to day struggle and aftermath of urbanization and development.

Combining thought and theme, Shashi’s paintings play out the many moods of the nature, through the mystic notes of the folk music. As the lyrical sounds mesmerize the senses, the eye gazes upon the physical form reproduced on the canvas.

Colours and shapes fascinate her since childhood. Creating extraordinary from ordinary is her passion and she gets excited by making useful things from waste material.


Her art work and art practice revolves around trees and its relation with human through my experiences and emotions. After working on various ideas and study, Shubhangi started figuring out the reasons of deforestation – one of the major environmental problem and out of all, the most interesting one was of making paper to which she can relate most. So her work creates a dialogue between books trees and human represent the both aspect, the need of human and its impact. She compared the importance of knowledge and education with the importance of trees for the actual evolution of human in both way mentally and physically.

Her art practices involves the process of etching in which the chemical solution tends to bite the metal which its self states a statement of adverse impact on nature by humans.

She share very intense relationship with trees and books which force her to portray the both side story and leave a statement that ‘either way you are responsible’.

Shweta Malviya

The softness and tenderness of women, an asset to the world of aesthetics, is reflected in Shweta’s work. It tends to focus on the relationship of women with the surroundings as a whole. The evolution of woman, her power to produce, her strength to nurture, her capacity to do whatever she decides to do in life with a wise thought to bring peace and harmonyto this world, is all echoed in her works. She has the super power to create a new life to bring Joy to the world.

Some of her subject matters are about people’s daily routines and the satire it associates with human nature. Her influences are first and foremost everything she sees, feels and experiences, but she has always loved the nature, hence, floral motifs are always seen in her paintings.

After the experience of motherhood, she found herself more connected with art, which she can feel in the choice of her colour, subject and compositions. She is never without a sketchbook and is constantly found drawing. Later, those drawings develop into more in-depth ideas and detailed images.

Simret Singh

I have enjoyed exploring and painting both Oil and acrylic paints as a medium on canvas. My oil paintings are portrayal of my deepest thoughts and being. They depict the human mind and desires in their being and becoming through figurative art. They are mostly female figures in subtle colors, monochromes, black and whites narrating the truths about the self – which are seemingly general to all human nature; On the other hand, my acrylics works are mostly visual depictions playing with brighter colors, and in all liberty of forms, flying beyond limitations of shapes. With intend of appearing attractive to the eye – these works fall in accord with the contemporary definition of an artwork as a mere aesthetic object.

Masters in French Language and literature, M.Phil linguistics from JNU, has a number of books written in subject of Linguistics and translated, French, Hindi, English to her credit.

Vipin Yadav

Painting object drawings and machine has given a new way and dimension to explore his artistic views. His work deals with an interaction between two distinct objects in which he tries to establish a minimalistic approach and gives emphasis on objects which are parts of machines or mechanical form. He finds it interesting to capture those forms through his creative process. This creative processalso includes movements and motions which establishes similarity to human emotions. His interest in animation makes it possible to make these mechanical forms more flexible. He uses various layers of colour with the help of different textures which help him to establish an act between the forms. Different elements of movies like uses of light, cinematography, make up, and various visual elements play an important role while executing his work. He tries to capture a freeze moment of the whole act which is going between two objects.

Partially cut objects are shown in his paintings to give a feeling that they are not only painted on canvas but also the whole surrounding is a part of it.

Ritwik Tanwar

Ritwik is a young, budding and passionate artist who loves to see the larger side of life through his lens. He believes that photography helps him to release his intense creative urges and communicate what he feels and sees. His artistic bent helps him to see beauty in mundane things. His works are a mix of places, environmental portraits and people. He likes to use the interplay of light, textures and colours to create unusual and complex forms that seduce the viewer. He tries to extract beauty out of ordinary surroundings and convert them into visually appealing images and at the same time using concepts and techniques that are grounded in the domain of fine art. His photographs are about the people who live there.

In his words, “the encounter with new life is what makes a trip memorable”. The human connection and learning associated with it leads him to retain these unforgettable experiences through his photography.

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