Art Exhibition

‘Parables and Paradoxes’ by Anant Art and Apparao Galleries at The Lodhi, Delhi

The title of the exhibition is inspired from the famous literary work of Franz Kafka – Parables and Paradoxes. It re-examines and reinterprets some ye olde sayings, parables and tales through the artists’ perspective. In his writing, Kafka tried to explain the complex ironies our life presents us with. And it is this concept that becomes a common thread weaving together the diverse artworks presented by this group of artists. Their works become visual metaphors, examining the parables and paradoxes we come across in our daily lives. Each artist presents a unique style and narrative; their concepts arise out of years of observations keenly registered within the depths of their diaries and sketchbooks. These works of art bring forth multiple storylines and enchanting visuals while also leaving the onlooker with an enriching experience.

As part of a public art project with The Lodhi, the art is displayed in and around the public areas to take the art as close as possible to the public. The dramatic beautifully designed spaces lend themselves dramatically as a platform for the arts. Both Anant Art and Apparao Galleries have been known to promote emerging artists taking the new ideas and trends. PARABLES AND PARADOXES will be on view until mid February 2019 overlapping with the India Art fair.

APPARAO GALLERIES – DELHI, The Lodhi (Formerly The Aman), Lodhi Road, New Delhi 110003  

From 15th Jan to 15th Feb 2019, 10 am to 6 pm

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