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Time Does Not Exist at Apparao Galleries – Chennai

Abstraction is a personal journey of each artist with a narrative that is individualistic. In their journey these four artists have woven different ideas . Curatorially the idea of timelessness is explored in varied representations  of these four artists in this collection. The whole idea of timelessness is beyond words. The term “timeless” often carries a positive connotation in art. But, what does it mean? A common usage of this term is associated with universality, to be specific, some kind of aesthetical value that transcends across all cultural contexts. For instance, one art critic said, “A masterpiece (of art) expresses what is universal, timeless, and meaningful for all people. It does so using the media of choice to its very fullest, and in doing so, creates new relationships and shows us something we have not seen or felt before.” To elaborate this point, another art critic said, “This is true of art that deals with materials or utilizes strictly sensuous means to express ideas or feeling. This is why this type of art becomes timeless, if it is successful; it speaks directly to the intuition and the instinct of those communicating it or with it. Artists who use minimalism and abstraction in their art Instil a mood and emotion in the gesture of creating the artwork. It is the emotion, thought and concept that give it relevance and hence places the character of the artist’s idea alongside that of the actual work. The lack of symbols and figures that define a time or a period are absent in abstraction and some landscapes. This itself is a quality of timelessness. In a journey across Siberia one comes across a stillness and repetitive landscape; the appearance of repetitive because of its vastness, and the fact that one cannot define time and dates in the stillness give the landscape a quality of timelessness. When an artist takes on the vastness and space in his work especially in something that cannot be defined immediately  it often gives it the quality of timelessness. Time stands still in the works of these for artists. They use abstraction to emote and use a personal narrative that is in a language that encourages a geography and history that cannot be defined hence the suggestion that “time does not exist”.

Apparao Galleries – Chennai, Leela Palace, Adyar Sea Face, MRC Nagar, Chennai 600028. From 22nd January to 28th February 2019. 10am to 6pm.

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Well,I loved this piece of art work.i do not have much knowledge on fine arts(studying Engineering) but believe me I’m insane about painting and currently working on my masterpiece.

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