Art Exhibition

Unt1tled, a solo exhibition of paintings by artist by Harleen Kaur at New Delhi from 4th – 7th November 2017

Unt1tled, a solo exhibition of paintings by artist by Harleen Kaur is an honest abstract expression inspired by a particular mood, environment, memory or sensation at a particular point in time. It is completely spontaneous, unpremeditated and unplanned at the moment of execution. The exhibition will inaugurate with a private preview on Friday 3rd November 2017, followed by a 3 day viewing from Saturday 4th till Tuesday, 7th November 2017. The exhibition will present a series of 45 illustrations on canvas.

Harleen has been an artist long before she realized, always creative and enthusiastic she dabbled in painting at a very young age. She is a spirited and enthusiastic people’s person who approaches most things with a real fervor and zeal.

Having worked in Public Relations for a few years, she followed her dream of being close to the art world after completing intensive short courses in Art curation, Contemporary art market as well as art History at The Sotheby’s Institute in New York. Learning a lot there and visiting galleries from a totally different point of view, she then returned to work in Delhi for startup galleries, eventually moving onto specializing in gallery and exhibition Set -Ups, a niche area that is invaluable to artists.

These years of working and interacting with young artists motivated her to come full circle and start painting once again. Her first solo show, Unt1tled is a reflection of mood , untitled mystery and the beauty of spontaneity .

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