Bruno Art Group is proud to present at India Art Fair 2017 – a solo show of Yaacov Agam

Solo show of Yaakov Agam Yaakov Agam (1928, Rishon Le Zion, Israel) explores the theme of the dimensions of art. The dimensions of an artwork are typically spacial: length for one-dimensional art, length and width for two-dimensional art, length, width and height for three-dimensional art. Throughout the history of art, many artists have investigated the concept of space and dimension, exploring and stretching its limits.

Yaacov Agam introduced movement (a variation of space in time) as a feature within art. Yaakov Agam played a key role within twentieth century art when, in 1955, he introduced this fourth dimension. Agam established the Kinetic Art Movement and for the duration of his career he has explored the use of movement and time in art. Agam’s work is amazingly experimental, open and rich. His revolutionary approach led him to create a unique style including the use of geometry, abstraction, vivid colors, black and white.

His wall pieces show a different image depending on the position of the viewer: we see images from the front, the right, the left and a myriad in between. The larger than life monumental pieces that Agam creates enhance this extreme perceptive experiment and can be found in places including the Tel Aviv Museum, the Palace Elysee in Paris and Suchai Market in Taiwan. Yaacov Agam focuses on these dimensions in art and uses unconventional materials such as plastic, resin and enamel. He presents a vivid kaleidoscope of colors, an environment where perception can play and experiment without limits.

India Art Fair 2017, Booth E17; New Delhi, 2 – 5 Feb 2017

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