The coverage of Indian Photography Festival – ’16

Reported and photographed by Ujjwal Sannala

2nd October, 2016
Indian Photography Festival,
Charminar, Hyderabad.

At about 7 am on a Sunday morning, I came across an elegantly placed photograph depicting a very lively scene from one of the streets close to Charminar right where Nimra cafe housed it. Photographs by 29 local artists were placed amidst the streets of Lad Bazaar and in the Chowmahalla Palace creating a unique dialogue between the streets and the photographs.

Aslam, who runs the cafe explains how the picture became a part of the place even though it was installed “parso ich” (a few days ago) ! Raj lalwani, co-editor of Better Photography Magazine- who conducted the workshop expressed a similar notion wherein he liked the fact that the photographers have engaged with the streets and the people in such a short while. 
 The workshop, which was systematically laid out with interesting exercises,with varied shooting approaches being introduced to the participants who were a mix of both beginners and professionals. This gave room for extended conversations and knowledge exchange. It became a very participatory experience enabling a great deal of learning in the art of street photography. This ended with a quick image review at Lad Bazaar.

Enriching talks were given on
 30th Sept. by Swapan Parekh; 
1st October by Claire Rosen, Michael Robinson Chavez. 2nd October by Nick Moir, Vinay Panjwani, Prashanth Panjiar, Ron Haviv, panel discussion: Smita Sharma, Soumya Khandelwal, Anushree Fadnavis. 3rd October by Sebastian Cortes, Harsha Vadlamani.

Book launches: Fragments of a spinning rock, by Kushal Parikh; Unsung by Mahesh Bhat.
The artist talks , book launches and the workshops, have been very inspiring and drawing a lot of audience as the days progressed. These events are a very powerful source of awareness into the world of photography at it’s finest.! 
 Exhibitions at the state art gallery also welcomed many visitors from the city, and will continue to do so in the coming days of the festival that concludes on the 9th of October 2016.

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