Pune Biennale, the flagship event of Pune Biennale Foundation presents a global platform for showcasing the city’s creative talent.

Did you know?

  • Over 160 cities in the world have their biennales
  • Prominent ones include The Venice Biennale – Italy, Sao Paulo Biennale – Brazil, documents in Kassel – Germany, Biennale of Sydney – Australia, Sharjah Biennale – UAE

Biennales in Asia

  • Year of the first biennial in Asia: 1952 with the Tokyo Biennale, Japan
  • Highest no. of Biennale hosted- Japan
  • Kochi-Muziris Biennale began in December 2012
  • Pakistan is also gearing up to host their first biennale in Lahore next year
  • The Pune Biennale, started in January 2013 and the 3rd edition will be held in January 2017

A Biennale is a term recognised

globally for a program that takes places once every two-year and most commonly used within the art world to describe large-scale international contemporary art exhibitions. Venice Biennale is the oldest one dating back to 1895 and presently more than 160 cities in the world have their biennales that encompass different disciplines of arts. In lines with the same ideology, Pune Biennale, the flagship event of Pune Biennale Foundation presents a global platform for showcasing the city’s creative talent.

Pune Biennale

Founded in 2013, Pune Biennale began as a city wide event that worked on public art and public spaces. Over next two editions it gained local and national prominence and is now establishing a strong foothold in the international art arena. The biennale strives to bring the city and its creative communities on a common platform with a purpose to make art more public and accessible while showcasing, enhancing, learning, spreading and sharing their collective experiences, talent and knowledge in all possible manifestations of art forms. What started as a joint initiative between an education institution such as Bharati Vidyapeeth University and local council, the Pune Municipal Corporation, has grown with wider stakeholder participation from industry and corporate supporters including Panchshil Foundation, Adar Poonawalla Clean City Movement and so on. As such now, the Pune Biennale has emerged as an institution to create a world-wide cultural identity for the home-city and act as a vehicle for the development of the city, aesthetically while unlocking endless possibilities for the creative community.

Pune Biennale 2017: 3rd Edition

Pune Biennale Foundation is gearing up to up to host a bigger and a much vibrant third edition of its flagship property, Pune Biennale 2017 from 5th – 29th January, 2017. This edition will feature several participatory projects that are created around the theme of “Identity and Self”. The aim of these projects is to discover the meaning of one’s existence in different spheres of life through diverse mediums and forums including displays, installations, workshops, dialogues and seminars.

The main show of Pune Biennale 2017 is titled as Habit_co_Habit which is curated by well-known art historian & curator Zasha Colah and art critic Luca Cerizza. The main show and other associated programmes will be hosted at the venues of historic importance within the urban fabric along J.M. Road, one of the most popular streets in Pune. The locations will include Modern High School, Municipal Printing Press, Mahatma Phule Museum, Pataleshwar caves precinct, Sambhaji Park, ABIL Subway and likewise. In addition, more than ten significant galleries across the city also come together to participate and showcase local talent under this platform.

Visitors to Pune Biennale will get a glimpse and a mesmerizing experience of witnessing some substantial artworks from close to 300 artists of national and international repute in both the flagship project and participatory projects that are specifically designed for engaging with the local community and showcasing cutting edge contemporary artworks. There is something for all, including workshops and exhibitions of differently-abled artists, student-focussed young expressions, interactions in public spaces like parks, experiment with transient art spaces such as shipping containers, exploring different materials, and narratives through visual media. The biennale boasts of a stellar line of artists from more than six countries and 25+ cities who have confirmed their participation.

By Rameesh Thaithodiyil

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