‘The Pyramid of Exiled Poets’ by Aleš Šteger from Kochi Muziris Biennale 2016

Do the dead ones talk?

Yes! In ‘The Pyramid of Exiled Poets’  they do talk in strange tongues. Once you start walking inside the pyramid, which is dark and hot inside has the puzzle like pathway. While you walk, you could listen to the whispers of the dead poets talking in strange language. As there is no light inside the pyramid you would hopelessly flounder to find the exit. As this whole mood creates a kind of confusion and struggle, which depicts the life of the exiled or disappeared poets an gives a forewarning about the challenging and difficult life ahead.

Aleš Šteger said as he entered into the pyramid,

This is an archaeological site that references the Khufu pyramid in Giza, Egypt. This pyramid is a tomb for poets who have been exiled from republics and nations for centuries. This is the final residence. So, repeat after me, ‘fine walk with me, far from home, I’m going to set you free’.

Hence one can’t leave Kochi Muziris Biennale without visiting this ‘impact-creating’ installation by  Aleš Šteger. Which surely triggers one’s mind and would take him to the darkness and would imbibe the emotional condition of the exiled.

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