Saffronart’s First Asian Art Auction Highlights Himalayan and Chinese Art

Chinese porcelain from the 17th – 20th centuries, Tibetan thangkas and Nepalese paubhas, and exquisite bronze sculptures are part of Saffronart’s first Asian Art Online Auction, to be held on 9 – 10 August 2017 on

Among the Chinese porcelain pieces on auction is the collection of Dr. Harish Dhillon who was an educator, headmaster and writer. Dr. Dhillon developed an interest in Chinese art through extensive reading and interactions with fellow collectors and institutions worldwide. Over a lifetime of travel and research, he built up a fine collection of Chinese porcelain and artefacts, which are part of this auction.

Among the pieces with a fascinating narrative is one from the Hatcher Cargo, one of the largest cargos of Chinese porcelain recovered from a 17th century shipwreck, around the port of Jakarta in 1983. Another piece from the Dhillon collection is from the famous Nanking Cargo, the cache of Chinese porcelain and gold ingots recovered from the Geldermalsen, a cargo ship of the Dutch East India Company that sank off the coast of Jakarta in 1751.

Other key highlights include 18th – 20th century Tibetan thangkas and Nepalese paubha paintings based on Buddhist and Hindu iconography. Also on offer are Buddhist sculptures, a bronze sculpture of Shiva-Parvati, and ritual implements. Himalayan art forms an important part of India’s cultural heritage with leading museums in the country, such as the CSMVS Museum in Mumbai, housing significant collections.

Commenting on the auction, CEO Hugo Weihe said, “We’re excited to establish a category of Asian Art with this first sale. This auction includes works which are not only rare, with a unique story of collecting behind them, but are also significant as they illustrate Indian influence and the historic exchange of ideas and trade within Asia. It offers new discoveries that open up fresh perspectives. We plan to establish Asian Art as an annual category, highlighting and celebrating important works from across Asia.”

All lots from the auction can be viewed on The auction is preceded by viewings in Saffronart Mumbai.

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