‘Sasha’ and ‘Sanskar’ present Tsutra – A Melange of Craft in association with ‘Art Culture Festival’ at Alliance Francaise from 1st to 3rd September

Venue: Alliance Francaise, 72 Lodhi Estate, New Delhi
Date: 1st – 3rd September 2017
Time: 11:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.

Tsutra is back again with a fresh new theme a mélange of Craft , Art and Fashion at the Alliance Francaise. Tsutra is primarily a collaboration between Roopa Mehta of Sasha Kolkatta and Sonam Dubal of Sanskar creating a sustainable collection with modern craft techniques for the cosmopolitan woman of today.

“Sasha” and “Sanskar” present Tsutra – An exhibition celebrating the rich culture of Indian heritage and contemporary design. Tsutra celebrates craft and handloom textiles respecting Fair Trade values, traditional and modern craft culture and the environment.

Sonam Dubal a leading Fashion Designer through his label ‘Sanskar which is a 15-year odyssey of design interpretation inspired by Dubal’s Buddhist heritage, delicately fuses Eastern traditional styles and western aesthetics in his work .
His work retails across stores in India and abroad in Colombo, Kuwait, Vancouver, Belgium, Spain, Tokyo and New York. He has exhibited at the Asia.

Sonam Dubal showed a very successful collection at the “Eco fashion week” this year in April 2017 in Vancouver- Canada, where he got immense appreciation and a standing Ovation for bringing in a multi- cultural diversity in his work through his play of textiles, embroideries and modern Indo- Asian shapes based on the ethos of sustainable clothing. In 2016 he was the first Indian designer to participate at the “Eco fashion week” in Vancouver.

Reworking this collection shown at the Eco Fashion week, Sonam Dubal of Sanskar once again collaborates with Sasha presenting Tsutra recreating a beautiful sustainable line for the real l women of today taking forward the theme of Cultural Diversity.

In this collection, to be shown at the Alliance Francaise de Delhi for the fourth consecutive year, As an Extension of the “Eco fashion week” shown earlier this year in Vancouver for Tsutra he has Incorporated modern decorative printing, inspired from nature, Abstract weaving and textile textures in modern deconstructed shapes and forms. Up cycled Ikats also add an element of eclectic heritage in modern Angarkhas and Retro-styled capes and wraps.

In an attempt to take fashion and craft to the next level this time as a member of ACF (Art Culture Festival) we also introduce Art accessories in ceramics and Objet de Art by upcoming Artists in a cultural context. ACF has been providing a platform for young Artists through workshops and Exhibitions through the past two years.

Sasha is a guaranteed Fair Trade Organization in India working with over 100 marginalized craft producer groups and communities based primarily in West Bengal and other parts of eastern India. We also provide them with enterprise building inputs and access to national and international markets. Sasha’s work model propagates principles of Fair Trade i.e. fair income and wages, gender equity, transparency, respect for cultural traditions social justice and safe environment. Over the last three decades we have made extensive efforts to market handmade products, which have the potential to cross over from the typical ‘handicraft’ niche to the mainstream of ‘home’, ‘lifestyle’ and ‘gift’ segments. Conducting design research and design interventions, exposing the craftsmen to different cultures for the upliftment of the crafts communities are our priorities. Improving the networking by approaching government & associations in other countries for the mutual social-economic growth are some of our clearly defined objectives. Sasha’s wide network in this arena helps promote high-end craft at the national & international level.

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