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Top points to remember while conducting an art exhibition

Whether you are a professional artist or an amateur setting up an art exhibition can be a creative, fulfilling endeavour in and of itself. However, it does have its challenges and you’ll need good planning to pull it off. And here we are listing the main points to remember before you conduct an art exhibition.

  1. Choosing a theme for the art works that you want to exhibit. This is important because it provides a link between the images that you want to exhibit. It also helps in making the  exhibition more appealing than those which exhibits different works which belong to different subjects.
  2. Finding a location to exhibit your art works. The places can vary from traditional art galleries and museums to cafe’s. Some people have even exhibited their works in public places like Railway stations, Bus stations, and even in historical monuments. Be sure to be creative enough in choosing the places. Do consider the available lighting, windows etc. Also be sure to choose a place where people can easily come and visit.
  3. Setting up the date for the exhibition. When you choose the dates it’s always good to have weekends included in the dates. This helps people who are working to come and visit. Another thing that you should keep in mind is the season. If you keep your exhibition during rainy season there is a high chance people might not turn up due to heavy rains and water logging.
  4. Add price to your artworks. 
  5. Find a famous person to open up the exhibition. This will increase the importance of the exhibition and you will have good number of people on the inauguration day.
  6. Design and print invitation cards, posters and banners. Give personal invites to the people who you think are important. Keep in mind to call them couple of weeks prior to the date of the exhibition so that they will get time to come for the exhibition. You can paste the posters of your event in various places like art shops, cafe’s, office notice board etc so that people will get to know about it.
  7. Usage of social media and web platforms. You can create a mailing list of the people who you want to call and send them invites through emails. You can even use social media platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp etc to give publicity to the exhibition.
  8. Media releases. Conduct a media release prior to the exhibition date. This is quite important to have your exhibition covered by the top media in your town.
  9. Setting up the exhibition space. Set up all your exhibits, chairs and everything a day prior to the exhibition. Be sure to check all the lights. Also mark the way for the people to move. Paste artist statement, title, size, price of the art works and other necessary details.
  10. Provide refreshments to the guests who come for the exhibition. 

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