Art Exhibition

The Song of the Earth and the Sky by Ankon Mitra

The Gujral Foundation is pleased to announce an iconic public art project – commissioning temporary pavilions by selected artists, architects, and designers, that respond to interesting locations. For its inaugural edition, the Foundation will be commissioning a stand-alone pleated pavilion titled ‘The Song of the Earth and the Sky’ at Sunder Nursery, New Delhi designed […]


When is Space? An exhibition on Contemporary Architecture from 21 January to 31 March 2018

Commissioned by Jawahar​ ​Kala​ ​Kendra and Curated by Rupali​ ​Gupte​ ​&​ ​Prasad​ ​Shetty. ‘When is space?’ intends to discuss the contemporary architecture and space making practices in India. Space here refers to the multi-scalar dimensions at which one thinks of architecture, from the idea of the universe, to collective institutional forms to the micro environments […]