Arjun H Das – A portfolio of a photographer

Arjun H Das hails from Palakkad, Kerala. During a talk with OpenArt he talks about his passion to photography and shares his portfolio with us . And here goes about this budding photographer. He carries his camera wherever he goes and photographs those things that catches his eye at the right time and circumstances. He says that he is not a professional photographer and as  for him photography is all about right click at the right time. Though he is working as HR in automobile industry the passion for his photography keeps him clicking along with his career.

There are lots of photographers that always influenced him. He says that there is a scope to study and get motivated from all the photographs that one see no matter who took it: be it a kid or an old man. The photographs that he takes ranges from nature, landscapes, cultures, people to food. He loves clicking everything that appeals to him and finds beauty everywhere. The camera that he uses currently is Lenovo A7000. The comments that the viewers give motivates him to continue taking pictures economically, politically, intellectually or emotionally.

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