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Exhibit320 in collaboration with Blueprint12 are proud to present​ ​’Given power – From tradition to contemporary’

Show Title:
Given power – From tradition to contemporary

Conceptualised by:
Rasika Kajaria, Mandira Lamba and Ridhi Bhalla

Open to Public:
2​4​th November – 24th December 2017

Exhibit320, F-320, Lado Sarai, New Delhi – 110030​

Yanagi in his book “The Unknown craftsmen” has attributed the beauty of an object to a craftsman give power, or his ability to adhere or to submissively rely to one’s tradition. He mentions that any craftsman, who is strong in his tradition and with the accumulation of experience and wisdom of many generations would be able to create works of art that are beyond the self. He truly believed that objects​ ​are born, and not made.

Exhibit320 in collaboration with Blueprint12 are proud to present​ ​’Given power – From tradition to contemporary’, a show that is an endeavor to showcase a selection of works collected from the interiors of Madhya Pradesh, West Bengal, Bihar and Maharashtra. The show is conceptualised by Gallerist Rasika Kajaria, Mandira Lamba and Ridhi Bhalla. The work offers an invitation to the reader to discover other regions and artists that epitomize the incomparable diversity of the contemporary tribal and popular Indian art.​

Some of the artists showcasing their talent include:

Bhuri Bai is one of the first contemporary Bhil artists. Balu Jivya Mashe and Sadashiv Soma Mashe are the sons of the renowned Warli artist Jivya Soma Mashe. Japani Shyam is the daughter of the famed Gond artist Jangarh Singh Shyam. Kalam Patua is one of the foremost figures of patachitra painting who revived the art of kalighat painting in the modern times. Ladoo Bai belongs to the pioneering early group of artists who with the Indian modernist Jagdish Swaminathan in Bhopal developed a contemporary vocabulary of traditional art forms. Ram Singh Urveti has many accolades to his name including the 2001 Kali Das Award in Ujjain, MP and the South Central Zone Cultural Centre Award for Tribal Art, 1998.

About Exhibit320

Exhibit320 showcases contemporary art from India and the subcontinent, creating a platform for exploration of artistic expression and dialogue. The exhibition space focuses on contemporary art, engaging with new thought and material. Over the years, it has evolved to encourage and support growing, contemporary talent, as well as showcase some of the finest contemporary art practitioners in India and the subcontinent. Our aim is to promote an understanding of art and aesthetic through creative ventures which seek to explore new media, forms of expression and redefine visual language. We have been actively taking part in international art fairs such as Art Dubai, Art Basel Hong Kong, Art Stage Singapore, Shanghai Contemporary and the India Art Fair.

Conceptualized by Rasika Kajaria, Exhibit 320 is an experimental art space located in the heart of Lado Sarai, New Delhi. Being an adherent admirer, patron and collector herself she is sharing her philosophy and understanding of art with the viewers. Exhibit 320 supports seminars, lectures, talks and discussions that contextualise art within a critical discourse.

About Blueprint12 Gallery

Blueprint12 Gallery has been conceived as the ‘blueprint’ of our vision that is, a space that promotes challenging and experimental forms of art with a focus on South and South East Asian contemporary art practices. The gallery plans to hold exhibitions that invite for dialogue across borders and create opportunities for artists, writers and curators to constantly push their own boundaries by inviting them to contribute to our exhibition calendar as well as our not for profit projects which include an artist run studio in Vadodara, India.

The Blueprint12 team includes Mandira Lamba an F.I.T. graduate in Fashion and Merchandising, Ridhi Bhalla an Oxford University graduate in Applied Statistics and Sameera Bhalla the youngest dynamic member with her expertise in health & nutrition. The diverse yet integrated minds have been the USP behind the unique, out-of- the-box curated shows.

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