Art Exhibition

#Nila – painting exhibition of a seven year old artist

Nila started painting at the age of 3 and conducted her debut exhibition at Kerala Lalithakala Academy Durbar hall Art Center, Kochi at the age of 6. Sixteen different works created on art paper with acrylic and water colour earned her space in art lover’s heart.

Now after one year, Nila Stacy Jones exhibits a wide range of paintings using acrylic and pastels on canvas. She has used brush, knife, cloth, fingers even toothbrush and tissue paper to create experimental strokes. Nila follows alternative learning method and she has never been to a regular school. Concentrating on her area of interest, she loves to be called a full time artist who keeps no secondary option in life.

on September 11 – 17, 2016 at Kerala Lalithakala Academy Art Gallery, Calicut.

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