Indian Railways officials inaugurated ‘Odyssey’ project by Manohar Chiluveru as a part of Pune Biennale 2017 at Pune Railway Station

As a part of Pune Biennale 2017, the second phase of the inaugural edition of Odyssey project by artist Manohar Chiluveru kick-started today with the Indian Railways officials inaugurating the massive project of painting 20 x 13 feet canvas at Pune railway station over the next six days. The project was inaugurated at the hands of (L-R) Krishnath Deouskar, Senior DCM, Mr. Milind Deouskar, ADRM, B.K. Dadabhoy, DRM with artist Manohar Chiluveru and Pune Biennale officials including Sujata Dharap, Indarnil Gari and Lisa Pingle.

Odyssey is a series of art works, envisioned as a long term project that will travel to 24 art capital cities around the globe in three years. The final culmination will witness production of 24 large canvases, envisaged as a metaphorical suggestion of 360 degrees of separation or continuity.

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