Ink, Reels and The Graphic Gang – an art show exhibiting illustrations from the top graphic design talent in the country

Arjun Sawhney and Tavleen Gill Akoi present Ink, Reels and The Graphic Gang, an art show that transcends geopolitical boundaries and pays tribute to timeless classics. The show brings together the top talent in graphic design, from across the country, to create stunning works of art that pay homage to the great books and movies that influenced and created the very phenomena of Pop Art & Culture.

Curated by Arjun Sawhney, the art show is a first of its kind, where the brush becomes the mouse and paints become tone and pixels, where words will meet graphics, hardware will become software and a new form of art will emerge.

Jiten Thukral & Sumir Tagra of Thukral and Tagra; Vivek Mathur of Indika Design, New York; Divya Thakur of Design Temple, Mumbai; Chetna Vij of I, Me design, New Delhi; Mickey Bardava; Gulab Saggu; Rabia Gupta of RDG; Gopika Chowfla of Gopika Chowfla Design; Ishan Khosla of Ishaan Khosla Design, New Delhi; Pushkar Thakur of Grafiaso, New Delhi, Kapil Sharma; Manav Sachdev and Namrata Lenka of Green Goose Design will showcase their creations at the show.

Show Title: Ink, Reels and The Graphic Gang
Curator: Arjun Sawhney and Tavleen Gill Akoi
Open to Public: 16th November – 20th November
Venue: The Lodhi, Lodhi Road, New Delhi – 110003

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