Princess Diya Kumari launches Bernadette van Gelder’s landmark publication on Traditional Indian Jewellery at Gyan Museum, Jaipur

Gyan Museum, Jaipur hosted the India launch of Traditional Indian Jewellery on 28 January 2018 in the presence of guest of honour Her Royal Highness Smt. Rajkumari Diyakumari.

The India launch of the publication follows the international launch at the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam where the inaugural copy was presented to Mr Veenu Rajamony, Indian Ambassador to The Netherlands. The Netherland’s proceeds of the sale of the book went entirely to the Bernadette van Gelder Foundation, committed to Indian female empowerment.

Princess Diya Kumari, ”It is a proud moment for all of us in Jaipur to have this amazing work of art being launched here this evening. I would like to thank the Dhaddha family for giving me this honour and Bernadette for choosing Jaipur for her book launch. The work you are doing for women is truly amazing and it would be wonderful to collaborate on something for women in Jaipur and Rajasthan.”

Bernadette van Gelder, “I am very grateful that the Dhaddha family has given me this amazing platform to launch my book in India and it is beyond anything I could imagine. I thank Suresh, I thank Arun, the rest of the family and you, Your Royal Highness, it is a great honor that you attended this evening, thank you so much.”

Arun Dhaddha, Founder Director Gyan Museum “I have grown up seeing Bernadette and my father working together and having her here is just like refreshing my memories. I am sure my father would be extremely proud as we all are, and blessing Bernadette and her family on the huge success of this publication. This book not only gives an in-depth knowledge on traditional Indian jewellery but also reflects a strong will power, true dedication, longing passion and immense love which Bernadette has for India and its people.’

Marie Claire van Schooten, Chairman, Bernadette van Gelder Foundation, “Bernadette van Gelder Foundation is committed to female empowerment by focusing on education in India. When we started looking into this we very quickly came to the realization that setting up our own organization in India would be reinventing the wheel hence we decided to work together with local established grass root charities who have the same goals as we do. We look forward to building a strong association.”

Van Gelder has a long-standing connection with the Dhaddha family who set up Gyan Museum in honour of the Late Gyan Chanda Dhaddha to house his collection which includes textiles, paintings, antique jewellery and objet d’art from around the world, dating back over 3,000 years.

This publication is the result of extensive research inspired by a true passion for India and the culture and traditions of its jewellery, and is a unique illustrated archive in over 600 pages, featuring two volumes. Volume I: The Golden Smile of India and Volume II: Beautiful People.

Traditional Indian Jewellery by Bernadette van Gelder is available in bookstores and museums from January 2018

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