Saffronart announces two upcoming online auctions, The Design Sale, 18—19, April and Living Traditions, Folk and Tribal Art, 19 – 20 April

Saffronart announces two upcoming online auctions, The Design Sale, 18—19, April and Living Traditions, Folk and Tribal Art, 19 – 20 April. Following successful combinations of the two sales in the past Saffronart is previewing the sales together in their Mumbai sale room, opening the work to new audiences by marrying these old and new traditions of Indian art and design.

The two sales represent distinct elements within India’s broad cultural history and present functional objects highlighting their craftsmanship, beauty and historical significance.

“With this [Living Traditions, Folk and Tribal Art] auction, we continue our efforts to establish and develop Folk and Tribal art as an important category at Saffronart. The lots on offer represent the depth and diversity of India’s indigenous art traditions. Objects such as masks and breastplates form an important part of rituals and ceremonies. Their significance in Indian customs goes back centuries. These living traditions continue to inspire modern and contemporary artists in India and around the world, while offering collectors a chance to acquire an aspect of Indian culture that has long been overlooked.” Hugo Weihe, CEO of Saffronart.

Alongside this The Design Sale features iconic Modernist design by visionaries including Le Corbusier, Pierre Jeanneret and George Nakashima. The sale also includes a substantial collection of Art Deco furniture of the 1920s and 30s. First showcased in India by influential royal families, trade merchants and well travelled entrepreneurs who had seen it in Europe, Art Deco brought new styles to Indian design and architecture that can still be seen in Mumbai today.

“Saffronart is committed to seeking out important pieces of design through the 20th century as shown in the upcoming Design Sale. Our first Design Sale in 2012 focused on Art Deco. It was well-received, with an 84% sell-through rate. Ever since, we have worked on building the category with design sales held annually. As is now the internationally accepted opinion, Saffronart views design on par with art and combining the two previews gives us a great platform to promote Folk and Tribal art alongside leading 20th century design.” Hugo Weihe, CEO of Saffronart.

Both sales are available to preview at Saffronart in Mumbai from 11am – 7pm, Monday – Saturday and by appointment Friday 14th and Sunday 16th April.

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