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How can I participate in art exhibition in India?

Introduce yourself to gallery owners and curators and connect with fellow artists and be supportive of their work.

Or we, OpenArt can help you to create your portfolio and network with gallery owners and curators. Artists are required to send an email with at least three exhibition installation images along with images of artworks that they propose to exhibit.

21 replies on “How can I participate in art exhibition in India?”

Hi Team,
I am a shaving professional by Designer, passionate about art. I wanted to be a part of your gallery as an artist!! So is there any possibility to keep my art pieces with you and any help to selling an art piece? Please suggest!!


I am Karan Bedi cousin brother of namita kohli and she passed away in 16.11.20 due to disease of kidney failure and diabtease so now i taking care of artwork and she was international artist

I would love to be a part of this gallery as an artist, i have been painting since childhood, i m from himachal pradesh, i love traveling in mountains, and capture landscapes, Monastery, sky on canvas, through my art i show beauty of himalayas

Hii ,
I am Bhavesh . I am passionate about art.
How can i attach with your art gallery .
I want be a part of your art gallery.

Hey, I’m Abhijoy Dutta Choudhury. I would love to exhibit my artworks in your art gallery. I’m pursuing masters in Visual arts (Painting). Thank you.

HI I’m a 16 Year Old Artist And I love art and I do it as a Passion
I wanna be a part of Your art gallery. 🐻‍❄️
How can I be a part and showcase my art

hi I am Damanpreet.
I am quite passionate about ART. I create hand paintaings and want to attach with your art gallery. Is there any way to do it.


I am artist and would like to showcase my artworks. I do mostly animal painting, potraits, landscape and still life paintings. It would be good if you can help me in this regard.

I am an artist and want to showcase my artworks.I want to be part of your art gallery, how can I join.
It will be grateful if you can help me with this.

I am an artist and would like to show my artwork in the gallary. Most of my works are potraits and landscape.
It will be very helpfull if you can help me to show my works

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