Michelle Y. Poonawalla opens her collateral project at the Kochi-Muzuris Biennale 2018

Michelle Poonawalla opened her multi-media installation titled Introspection on 12 December at the Cochin Club, as a part of the collateral projects at Kochi-Muziris Biennale 2018. Since it’s opening, the project has seen visitors across demographics who have left enthralled with this experiential installation.

Introspection builds on Poonawalla’s growing interest in large scale, interactive installations. Conceptually, it was born from a contemplation on the images of violence and displacement that come at us in endless news cycles. The installation takes the audience through a sensory journey that starts with sound, using fragments of audio clips from the news combined with ambient sounds, which transition into an dramatic 360-degree projection of torrential blood-rain – a symbolic representation of the violence and trauma described in the audio clips. As the viewer walks through the projection space, strategically placed motion sensors trigger a dramatic cacophony of butterflies, signifying the final liberation of the soul, that wash over the surface of the screen, creating a visceral, cathartic experience for the viewer.

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